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As usual, it is breasts that do men in

Scott Dierking

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Congress is believed to have received new evidence over the past 10 days that may further undermine Roger Clemens' sworn testimony that he did not attend a suddenly notorious 1998 party at Jose Canseco's South Florida home.

The Daily News has learned that in the days since the Feb. 13 public hearing on steroids in baseball, another major leaguer has informed congressional investigators that Clemens often joked in the clubhouse about a memorable account of the party - a scene in which Debbie Clemens and Canseco's ex-wife Jessica compared the results of their surgical breast enhancements.

The new revelation adds to the probability that Congress will make a criminal referral of the matter to the Justice Department, which lawyers on both sides have told the News was always a likelihood.

Clemens' accuser Brian McNamee, in sworn testimony on Feb. 7 before lawyers for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, had already shared the anecdote to explain why the party was memorable.

The 1998 Canseco party is crucial because it was there that Clemens allegedly talked about steroids - and may have even used them for the first time, McNamee has said.

"I think he got it at Canseco's house," McNamee said in a secretly recorded Dec. 12 conversation at his home with private investigators working for Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin. "As far as the government and Mitchell, they know that he got the Winstrol at a party; and that's when he did Winstrol."

At the time, a conflicted McNamee wanted to warn Clemens' of his inclusion in the imminent Mitchell Report. At that point, McNamee had been an informant for the government and Mitchell for months. He told Hardin's men the government had indicated to him they could link Clemens to a drug deal at the party.

"And somehow, whoever else the government is talking to, said that he got them there in Florida," McNamee said, referring to steroids. "(They said) that some guy walked into a room with him and Canseco and that's how they got the drugs, the Winstrol."

Nearly two months later, now decidedly at war with his former client, McNamee would relay to the committee the specific story placing Clemens, Canseco and their wives at the party. Clemens has vehemently disputed such claims under oath. Canseco gave Congress an affidavit stating Clemens did not attend the party.

"I mean, they talked - no disrespect, but they talked about how great Jose's wife's augmentation job was to Debbie and showed her," McNamee said. "And then Debbie showed her her augmentation job."

As the Daily News has reported, the committee could decide to refer Clemens, McNamee or both to the Justice Department this week. McNamee's lawyers have said they expect that to happen. The Justice Department could launch an investigation to determine which man is lying then, or make the move independently.

The feds are already looking into instances in which Clemens refuted the testimony of McNamee, with whom they signed a proffer agreement last summer requiring McNamee to tell them the truth.

Hardin backed off Clemens' denials about being at the party after the Daily News reported last week about the existence of a photo that may link Clemens to the party. The photo is owned by a young man who attended the party when he was 11 years old and took photos of his baseball heroes, including Clemens.

That photo is believed to be among the pieces of evidence (along with blood-stained medical refuse) being reviewed by IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky and prosecutor Matthew Parrella, who have much broader investigative power than the committee's attorneys did.

The two men have spent five years leading the government's BALCO prosecution, and have already looked into the challenges Clemens made against McNamee, who agreed to cooperate with them and Mitchell in exchange for immunity.

Likely witnesses in a federal probe could include Kelly Blair, a distant relative of Andy Pettitte who supplied human growth hormone to Pettitte's father, who then shared it with the Yankee pitcher in 2004. Earlier this month, the News revealed that 1-on-1 Elite Personal Fitness (Blair's gym in Pasadena, Texas) was a source of performance-enhancing drugs that wasn't identified in the Mitchell Report.

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