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Ding Ding! Round 2!!


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I think this whole thing is absolutley pathetic. So Congress is going to have hearings to see if Clemens lied. Duh, he lied. Can we all let it go now? Fer crissakes! And look who's looking into it? Politicians! They NEVER lie. :rolleyes:

How 'bout we have congressional hearings to see if oil companies lie to the american public? Hey, you think maybe we can finally find out if those weapons of mass destructions were a lie? Nahhh.....I mean, finding out if a 40-something year old lied about doing steroids is FAR more important than world peace and economics.

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If it serves a deterrent for other players, and it should, it is worth all of the machinations.

It is Roger Clemens, and Roger Clemens alone who has brought all of this upon himself.

The lies that he is asking us to swallow, and expects us to believe are quite comical.

I know Roger did this. I would be all for it if it was going to serve a point. But it isn't. He lied. He will be convicted. He will be pardoned.

It sucks.

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