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what will REALLY happen this off season


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Based on the Jets history?

-All of the Free Agents will spurn us for less money elsewhere.

-Whomever we pick at #6 will hold-out until he signs in the newly reformed XFL with Vince McMahon.

-Mike Nugent becomes our defunct QB after an intense camp battle. 124 starts an obsessive fan club.

-Jonathan Vilma is traded for a first round pick. In 2024. He immediately goes to the Pro Bowl for the next ten seasons. Our first round pick in 2024 is a Dolphin. Not the team, the animal.

-Robertson is traded for Shaun Rogers who eats himself out of the league while D-Rob's knee heals itself and he becomes everything Bitonti said he would be when we drafted him.

-Chad Pennington is cut and is picked up by Herm Edwards and leads the Chiefs to four consecutive Super Bowls for the NFL's best dynasty. Herm is dubbed best coach ever.

-No one here is invited to the celebratory BBQs.

I can realistically see this happening.

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