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Adam Schafter: Jets to be BIGGEST PLAYERS in FA.


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Well considering our cap room and the state of the team, we kinda have to.

I'm not sure that it's actually that bad that we had such a terrible season. It seems like for the most part FAs go to where the money is, unless they feel they're guaranteed a realistic shot at the SB, and even then it's really rare for a player to take a significant discount, and it's always a short term thing. I think some players will take less to STAY on a team, but almost never to go to another one.

We had to make a move, and just drafting players was going to take forever. Better to infuse talent through FA now that will set us up for years, and supplement through intelligent drafting to stay competitive. If Tangini pulls this off correctly, you can not criticize them, you just can not. It's a sound strategy.

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