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You may like or dislike, BUT, Drudge is powerful


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Matt Drudge: world's most powerful journalist

By Toby Harnden in Washington

Last Updated: 7:10am GMT 29/02/2008

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Now, Matt Drudge owns a luxurious Mediterranean-style stucco house on Rivo Alto Island in Florida's Biscayne Bay, a condominium at the Four Seasons in Miami and is said to drive a black Mustang. He remains an elusive, mysterious figure but the internet pioneer is arguably the single most powerful journalist

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All I can say is the only good thing this guy did was out Bill. From reading that it sounds like he's the guy you don't tell secrets to because he can't keep his mouth shut. Prince Henry was supposed to be in Afghanistan for 6 months but is not returning after only 10 weeks. He is also probably going to be the target for Islamic extremists for years to come.

I would say the same would go for Barrack Obama. Already under threat being a black man running for President.. I would say some misinformed people under the impression that we have a black Islamic man running for President might be threatened.

"American reporters from the mainstream outlets that often dismiss Drudge as a salacious rumour-monger often tip him off about their exclusives or even the stories their editors will not run."

What a toolbox.

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Is it easier than going out to a grocery store and buying a STAR or some other tabloid?

Having never visited the site I don't know how much is reputable news and how much isn't..

its not tabloid,,it has links to tanloid,,but its very main stream news now,,politics, ironic, weather etc..


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The funny (or sad) thing is, just what is "journalism" anymore? All the crap slinging that goes on in politics, generally, is "journalism"?! Haha, OK. I suppose 'People' magazine is also journalism right about now. In our early days as a nation, great oratory was an art form. It commanded large audiences, such as they were. And newspapers openly admitted they were skewed this way or that.

You have to be able to sieve through and form your own opinions. It's America, and all the power to him. His opinions count as much as anyone else's, and if people don't like what he says, so what. Don't read it. Then again, lefties tend to forget about that basic tenet of why we're great unless is serves them.

EDIT: And I'm not saying I agree or disagree with him one way or the other.

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