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Looking for Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera Under 300$

war ensemble

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I've been looking for a point and shoot camera for my mother for up to 300$. She needs it because she's big into photography and is currently taking a class to revive this hobby which forces her to have a point and shoot camera. She already has a Nikon D80.

I am not the greatest when it comes to knowledge of cameras, hoever I think I did a good job with the D80. What I've been looking at right now are Sony's Cyber-Shot range, but I'll take anything. Joebaby seems to know a lot about cameras, and rightfully so, so can you or someone else recommend the best digital camera within this price range? Stores close to me include Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, almost any big store. Or I can get it to ship online. Just name the camera and give the cheapest on a site, or name the camera and I'll find the cheapest. Thanks.

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I found this one, which got a good review on CNET and good user reviews. If anyone could give their opinion, it would be appreciated.


Seems like a pretty well-liked camera from the reviews on Amazon. Found a retailer that's $35 cheaper & the shipping is 5 bucks if you go with this model:


http://www.dpreview.com is a great place for camera reviews. The photography-ophiles are brutally picky in their reviews, so if it's generally well-received there, it's probably good.

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