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SJ Reviews: 'Starting out in the Evening'..a Broadway play on screen


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Based on Brian Mortons novel of same name, many reviewers are saying Frank Langellas performance here is the 1st Oscar potential for next years awards. It hard to debate that. This vehicle is perfect for one of our finest actors. The movie could very well be a play as it is all script and all about the intricate relationship between father and daughter. It deals with the hopes an dissapointments each also hold for each other.

The main character is a prototypical Literay star in the past who has made a life i teaching writing. His best days behind him he struggles to get published again. Enter a grad student (6 feet unders Lauren Ambrose) who wants to revitalize his fame through a article on his work . The relationship that ensues is beautifully textured. Behind all this is the rocky and loving relationship he has with his 40 year old and never married daughter, perfectly played by Lili Taylor, also 6 feet under alum.

She has a great subplot that many women in todays age will feel close to with her 'reluctant' long time boyfriend (Adrian Lester). Its a great script and a nice story that brings many plot lines full circle when the evening is over. Go see this and get out for a Broadway play at the movies.

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