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The Official JN: F*** Mondays Thread


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This should be pinned every Monday

Yesterday was a bad day. Our younger son was a monster all afternoon. We spent about 4 hours in a daze as he went on a rampage. Every little thing set him off. This morning I said how excited I was to get back to work. :lol: Then I walk in the door and one crew who was supposed to leave at 6:00 a.m. was standing there. The "foreman" informed me that he couldn't go because one of his guys was at a funeral and he was the only one that could do the cutting that needed to be done. :shock: Then we have a truck show up with some springs on it. I'm the only one here so I have to unload it. I go to fire up the forklift. What do you know? Someone thought it would be cute to completely box the forklift in. On top of that the battery was dead and as I was dragging the charger over to the forklift the plug got snagged on something and ripped out. I got to unload a 450 lb. pallet by hand. F#ck mondays indeed. :cussing:

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