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SJ Reviews: 'Spiderwick Chronicles'..parents will like, children will LOVE


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This is a cross between Goonies and Narnia.

It has the charm of a fanciful world of goblins and good creatures and the spookiness that bad things do happen sometimes..

This film had the chjildren I saw in audience mesmopized. There was NO squirming and LOTS of heaed sleaned forward with wideopen eyes. The smaller ones even hid thier eyes from time to time. For kids under 7 or so it may be too intense. There are some pretty frightrning scenes for small ones. But this film is so polisjed and well acted, Gd Night and Good lucks David Straithairn has a main role. Freddie Highmore of Charlie and Chocolate Factory fame is the child lead.

This film is part fantasy, part morality play and deleiuvers on all counts for a family film that actually can mix fun with a great script. Take the family..

3 stars_002.gif's for parents

4 stars_002.gif's for kids

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another harry potter clone. this always happens, one good idea can saturated to the point of overkill. like what ER did for hospital dramas and law and order did for lawyer shows.

ain't you the child in this thread? yer s'posed to love it johnny :)

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