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Nick Ferraro

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Dear Jets:

Please leave some free agents for the rest of the league.

I wonder if all the signings mean the Jets will look to trade out of their current draft slot. They've set themselves up to not be pressed into making a pick if they don't feel the right guy is there or if they have good value for dropping into the later part of the first round.

Nice work. I'm glad the money is being spent. Maybe all these guys don't pan out, but at least you know your team is actively trying to get better.

Another interesting option given the free agent aquisitions is drafting Matt Ryan if he falls to them. If they don't feel Clemens is the answer, Ryan would be a nice move.

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They have definitely set themselves up so they can take the best player in that spot. Picking 6th could be very interesting as someone will definitely slip, things never go according to plan.

I guess the Pats going undefeated during the regular season and the Giants winning it all really riled some people up at Hofstra.

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