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Ahh Nick drinking the Herm Kool Aid is a bad thing..Have you been paying attention Nicky..me thinks not!

Chiefs free agency plan is being questioned 471520.jpg

Jamie Squire - Getty

By Nick Athan

Warpaint Illustrated Publisher

Posted Mar 3, 2008

Since free agency started last Friday, the Chiefs haven

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Doesn't this idiot know that Herm doesn't rebuild? You rebuild after Herm leaves.

Let's see...the Chiefs are 0-2 in seasons of winning more games than Mangini's Jets, who is now completing the rebuilding process that the Chiefs are merely entering. And he "still maintains" that the Chiefs - with absolutely nothing going for them outside of Gonzo & LJ & maybe Bowe - are going to win more games this year?

Overpaying is always a relative term, as 2 years down the road these contracts may seem reasonable (and in the case of Jenkins, may seem a ridiculous bargain). While I do believe we did overpay on Pace/Woody and merely paid the going rate for Faneca, it only matters if we were middle-of-the-pack in available cap space. We were both 4-12 last year & the Jets have upgraded & addressed 4 major holes on the team while the Chiefs have done basically nothing. And they'll win more games?


Let's see them win more games than the Raiders first.

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