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The dinner menu for tonight


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One slice of leftover homemade lasagna from last night

Two leftover potato pancakes from the night before

Grant: He's sick so I let him pick whatever the hell he wanted to eat.

Half of a BB PB&J


Sawyer: This is where it gets weird.

Cup of apple sauce

Ham & cheese toaster sandwich marinated in said apple sauce.:smilies2_puke:

Hard boiled egg dipped in said apple sauce. :smilies2_puke:

Grant's leftover cheetos.

Two...yes two bananas

Now I know how my parents felt when they would actually cook a nice meal and we wouldn't touch it. Last night when I made the lasagna Grant turned his nose up at it. I told him "You know? There are probably alot of kids in your class eating a bologna sandwich wishing they had a piece of lasagna on their plate right now instead." He looked at me like I was growing a third eye right in the middle of my forehead. Then it hit me. F#ck!! I sound just like my parents. :lol:

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ah...lol...we got the old...you know how many people are starving in other countries?

Now they all live here....hahahahah

I take some lasagna....

:lol: I stopped short of playing the other country card. I thought he could relate to fellow classmates better than kids half way around the world from him. Considering when I told him how his cousin was in Iraq he asked if that was further away than California.

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