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Happy St Patricks Day -- By Jet Moses


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Happy St. Patricks day

Posted at 12:12 pm in Featured Editorials, Jet Moses by Max


By Jet Moses

Vox Hiberionacum: A tribute to Saint Patrick

When Europe fell to the Huns during the collapse of the Roman Empire, It was the Irish who preserved so much of western civilization that would have been lost to the barbarian hordes. Why has this contribution been overlooked? The short answer to that is that the English wrote so much of what we now know as history. And since the English have always had contempt for the Irish, it is reasonably understood why it would come to pass that these recollections would be conveniently washed away by those who controlled the printing presses. Only recently have these memories been transcribed, and have earned their proper place in the historical record. Mind you, this is not historical revisionism, for historical revisionists played a crucial role in maintaining the secret. Historical revisionism is the process of rewriting history so that it reflects 20th century progressive ideas. Revisionists have whitewashed Christianity

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i dont know about europe falling to the huns- a bit of a stretch, imo

What is a Jet Moses post now a days without a critical rebuttal by his new stalker. I guess since Limo hasn't been on JI lately, Dick here has a new obsession, Jet Moses.

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Rome fell to Alaric king of the Visigoths in 401 CE. When Rome collapsed, the infrasctructure of the Ecumene collapsed.

The Germans destroyed everything. JA!

wikepedia is not a scholarly source.

rome fell because they overextended their empire, kind of like whats starting to happen now with the american empire.:yawn:

if you say the visigoths put the final knife into the hearts of the western roman empire, ill trust your judgement although i was always under the impression that unorganized germanic barbarians really tightened the screws

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