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Ryno the Jet

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It has become quite obvious in my humble opinion that the Jets have an agenda and, perhaps, a vendetta aiming to spite the patsies high-flying 18-1 arsenal. “Physicality, power, and pain” seems to be the fireside chant Jets’ brass are gearing up to drill into the minds of the new 53. All signs point to bolstering the front seven on both sides of the ball, adding two big-contract players to each. In addition, the two big-name draftees interviewed by the Jets to date are a top-flight ILB (Rivers-USC) and a projected 2nd round OT (Cherilus-BC). Not to mention the FA signings of Chatman, Richardson, and Franks, which should certainly add an up-the-middle and “up yours” spirit that this team has not had since before my time. This all brings to mind the old adage of “STOP THE RUN and POUND THE ROCK!” Personally, I am all for it, and I have a rejuvenated faith in this regime! I cannot wait for the draft, so the ROCK POUNDING lessons may begin!

In order to complete the transformation from push-over defense and meek-&-mild run game to physical predators, we still need to address the following in the draft:

LB Depth - The Jets need to grab depth inside and out. They will likely look for a ILB to emerge as Barton's replacement and add an outside DE/OLB hybrid to compete with Pace, Bowens, and Thomas.

CB/S - Most folks on the board are screaming for another CB. I would not be opposed to nabbing a CB in any round, as this draft is chalked full of them. However, in my mind, another safety is the bigger need. Finding the "ying" to Kerry's "yangalang" would be a performance enhancing grand slam of epic proportions. Not saying we can't have both, but the safety should be priority.

DE - I am not sold on the DE situation, but this should be last on the list. In fact, I feel like the option of restructuring D-Rob's ridiculous deal and trying him alongside Jenkins is worth a shot, but only for the right price.

OL Depth - The Jets' newly revamped O-Line already has experts speaking of top ten stature, but I say not so fast. Injuries are extremely common up front, and we need to groom a young guy anyway for the eventual replacement of A.F., as linemen progression is a tad slower normally. I say Cherilus, if available, in the 2nd would be a perfect fit. If he is capable of starting this year at RT, then Moore and Woody fight it out at RG. Maybe then we could see top ten results.

X-Factor - Offensively, the Jets need a guy that can be the unknown on the field. They have Smith and Washington, of which I think Leon is closer to this type of player. Regardless, neither can be depended upon to garner the attention of double coverage on the outside repeatedly. Whether it be a nasty WR, a "H-Back," a freak TE, a Bush-type, or even Westbrook style, the Jets would complete the package with a "don't let that guy touch the ball" moster on their side. Obviously, if Coles skips town, then the focus must shift to a pure WR.

I have not put forth the effort to create a Mock, but I like D-Mac (1st) or Gohlston (2nd) at 6, if we are not able to trade down. If neither is there, then the BAP save a QB. Cherilus or BAP in the second. BAPs from there on out. Hopefully the stars will align themselves such that the BAPs meet our needs, but the Jets should not stray away from drafting the best player that falls to them outside of the No. 6 pick. If you are going to target players, you should do that by moving up to grab them when they are the BAP (i.e. Revis & Harris).


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