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Lebron James calls Deshawn "Solja boy"


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If you weren't rooting for another Washington-Cleveland first round playoff series, you should now.

Not only because it looks more and more like it's going to happen - Toronto lost again last night without Chris Bosh and is a half-game ahead of the Wizards for the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. But also because you don't want last Thursday to be the last time DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James play again this season, do you?

Stevenson contained James in the fourth quarter with some tenacious, physical defense, took a charge in the final minute and forced him into a bad three-point attempt at the end of regulation. Afterward, Stevenson decided to become the first player to publicly question the hype surrounding James as I walked with him out of the locker room.

The could-be King finally responded to Stevenson calling him "overrated" last night, after the Cavaliers defeated the Bobcats. James was asked if he had anything to say about Stevenson and he laughed.

"With DeShawn Stevenson, it is kind of funny," James told reporters in Cleveland. "It's almost like Jay-Z saying something bad about Soulja Boy. There's no comparison. Enough said."


to be honest, Jay-z is an over-rated rapper. Bron shoulda said Pac.

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