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If we only had a centerfielder with speed

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The score would be 0-0 if we had a speedy centerfielder, a pitcher who could field ground balls and a catcher who could catch pop ups behind the plate.

Delluccis hit was a frickin flyball that a fast CFer would have easily caught. It doesnt happen everyday but damn, sometimes Bernie just kills us out there.

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Y'all should trade for Rocco Baldelli, right EB?

Too bad he's on the DL. But yea, he'd be a perfect fit out there in center. Good arm, great spead, very good bat, good bunter, good baserunner. Complete Package

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STFU already

You complain every day about something

Bernie gets the job done....granted his better days are in the past, but have some faith Cash will make the right move

...as I type this, Bernie tracks down a Textiera bomb

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LOL jonE

That was a nice play by bernie.

Did you see the replay of it? It took like 2 seconds before Bernie actually moved.

Kevin Brown looks like he could have used a rehab start. He's got some NAAAAAASTY movement on his sinker tonight. A few bad pitches have done him in though. Could be because he's just not there yet, I hope.

Did you see ESPN throw out that stat that Brown had not given up a home run in 65 innings before tonight? I couldnt believe that, I was shocked :shock:

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2nd easy fly ball he's dropped this season, feel free to shut ya trap JonE :lol:

Write it Down

Yankees will have a new centerfielder before the trading deadline is over, book it.

Fu***** Pathetic Disgrace out there


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Matsui shouldnt have ran in there like he was gonna catch the ball.

Bernie called for it, it was his ball.

IMO, Matsui is part to blame in that stupid error. Bernie should have had it either way.


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