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If we only had a centerfielder with speed

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That trade actually helps out both teams ALOT. Cameron GUARANTEES you guys a playoff slot and Cano gives us a real, live second baseman.

Wow. There had better be an open bottle of 80 proof something or other in front of you.

Cano stays put. End of story. He is the Yankee second baseman of the future.

Bernie will ride off into the sunset as a New York Yankee. He has earned that right.

And oh yeah....Cano/Williams > Cameron/Womack. And while we're at it, over the long haul....Cano>Soriano. Sori pulled a Manny tonight and didn't run after he hit the ball. He thought it was a HR when in fact it hit the wall. Soriano had a single, which easily should have been a double. Cano has been in the league only a few months, and he would not make that mistake.

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