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****The first official JN neg rep war thread****


Who should be bombed into oblivion?  

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  1. 1. Who should be bombed into oblivion?

    • Jetsrule128
    • Ward and Beaver Cleaver?
    • Yes, Thor should have an enema immediately.
    • Chadharmamoon (or like The Troll said ''whatever his name is'')

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LOL, DWC is gone so why the Hell is he up there???

It should be 128 without a doubt, he deserves it more than anyone. jetspower10 should follow.

Wait, you can't neg rep somebody who's been banned?

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I don't know, you tell me.:rl:

It has less a much satisfaction factor to it, the guy hardly cares now that he's unable to use his account.:lol:

I can, but you can't. I have included the legendary turdish duo from North Carolina. that should suffice. :lol:

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