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Who will be more valuable to us?


Who will be more valuable to our team?  

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  1. 1. Who will be more valuable to our team?

    • Gholston
    • Mcfadden

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Assuming Gholston and Mcfadden are their for us with #6, who is going to be more important to our team?

GHOLSTON! No doubt. Pass rushing>Running just, because we have 2 very good RB's, and they'll be better with our new OL. Theres no need for Mcfadden. Also we can get a playmaker on offense by getting Hardy, or any other top WR in round 2.

Defense will get us to where we want to be. EX. Giants.

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This is the draft question on a lot of Jets fans minds.

If both players were guaranteed to perform as good as billed we should probably go with Mcfadden. He would give the offense a real difference maker that we're simply not gonna get from the QB or WR position for a couple of years (even if we were to draft such a player this year).

On the other hand, if we look at the reality that Mcfadden comes with a lot of risks that may not translate into the NFL (or to a big city market) whether its in his upright running style, his build, his fumbling, his character, or his intelligence, I would say it precludes picking him over Gholston, who might be a more reliable pick at #6. Gholston is also an impact player who will be ready to start this year and to his credit looks like the kind of player that will also make others around him better, which will especially help the investment made in Calvin Pace.

So I say the safer pick is Gholston, even though I like what Mcfadden could bring to our offense if he were truly the bonafide player the experts say he is.

Ironically, a lot of mock drafts now have Mcfadden and Gholston off the board at #6 :(

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question... should we always play it safe? or should we show some balls and go for the best talent availiable..

Every team wants to get the best player available in the draft, but to have a player bust especially in the top of the draft sets a franchise back disproportionately. Here's a homework assignment for someone. Find out if any team has won a superbowl, or made it to the playoffs, in the wake (let's say 3 or 4 years) of picking a 1st round bust?

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