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Chad Johnson a no show for Bengal workouts


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Johnson skips the start of Bengals' workouts, still wants trade

Associated Press

Updated: March 24, 2008, 4:15 PM ET

CINCINNATI -- Chad Johnson skipped the start of the Bengals' offseason workouts Monday, the latest move to show he's unhappy with how he's perceived in Cincinnati.

Johnson said in interviews last week that he is skipping the voluntary workouts to reinforce his message that he'd like to play somewhere else. The Bengals have said repeatedly that they have no intention of trading him.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who tied for the NFL lead in receptions with 112 last season, also is skipping the voluntary workouts for the second straight year. Johnson has been a regular at the workouts until now.

dropQuote.gifI wish they were here, but we'll work with what we've got and the guys that are here. That's exciting, too. dropQuoteEnd.gif

--Carson Palmer

Coach Marvin Lewis addressed the absences with the other players.

"What I addressed is that in the NFL there are a lot of different situations that occur throughout the season and the offseason, and they are not a bearing on any one particular player," Lewis said. "Whatever occurs, this is professional football. You have to deal with it in your way."

Johnson became indignant last season after a local newspaper columnist suggested his look-at-me antics were hurting the team. Fans also criticized his approach as the season careened to a 7-9 finish.

He stopped talking to the local media last season, but went on national interview shows before the Super Bowl and again last week reiterating that he feels unappreciated. Johnson has said repeatedly that he'd like to play for another team.

The Bengals would take a huge hit to their salary cap if they traded him. Johnson has four years left on his contract, which was extended in April 2006. He will make $3 million in base salary next season, and can make $18.5 million over the rest of the deal.

He caught 93 passes for a club-record 1,440 yards and eight touchdowns last season, when he became the Bengals' career leader in catches and yards.

"I wish they were here," quarterback Carson Palmer said of the two receivers, "but we'll work with what we've got and the guys that are here. That's exciting, too."

Houshmandzadeh is spending the offseason in California with a personal trainer. Johnson is staying away to make a point.

"Im not going to get too involved in it," Palmer said. "I know the guys that are here are working their butts off and working for a spot.

"I'm not worried. We've got a good group of guys -- some mature guys, some veteran guys -- that wont let any off-the-field distractions get in the way of what needs to be done, all of the work thats going on right now."

With Johnson and Houshmandzadeh elsewhere, No. 3 receiver Chris Henry was the top returning receiver at workouts on Monday. Henry was suspended by the league for the first eight games of last season. He caught 21 passes for 343 yards and two touchdowns after his return.

His four arrests and repeated punishment have set him back.

"That's all in the past," Henry said. "I'm just excited and ready to get started again."

Henry missed having Johnson around.

"He is like a brother," Henry said. "He's been here since I've been here, and he really took me in when I got here. I'd hate to see him leave."

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Just trade him, your not going to win with him AT ALL.

You'll get something GREAT in return and not to mention your getting someone who is a cancer to your team at times.

coles and a 2nd or 3rd for ocho. no brainer. get it done mantini.

we don't have a third, but i suggest swapping firsts, throw in a 4th and #63 fatty

The cap hit would be WAYY to high. He'll finally get sick of sitting and play. He's kind of a puss though in my book.

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I seen an interview on ESPN where Chad Johsonon said something like "2 years ago we went 8-8, last year 7-9, what are we gonna look like this year?" I was like, WTF? What ever happened to being a team player and working even harder in the offseason to help out your Quarterback and team?

Its just funny to me how players complain all the time but yet never do what it takes to try and win. For all the people who want Chad Johnson on this Jets team, I say no thanks, we dont need a player like that on this Jets team, yeah we already have Coles but at the same times Coles doesnt talk bad about this Jets team and Coles actually puts his body on the line each and every game and plays with his heart on Sundays.

Chad Johnson? You mean the player that almost had a fist fight with his head coach @ halftime in a playoff game because he wasnt getting the ball enough? (The Bengals were also winning a close game) No thanks. He's unhappy when the team is winning a playoff game, I hate to see him if we were losing in the regualr season with a young QB in Kellen or a QB in Chad that cant get the ball to Johnson deep.

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