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Ross Tucker article-Faneca is overpaid


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NFL writer for www.cnnsi.com.

Claims the Jets made a big money mistake is paying the big bucks to a lineman.

The link:http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/ross_tucker/03/26/oline.salaries1/index.html

Statistically, meaning in what can be quantified and measured, he wants to say there is not so much difference in value between an elite guard and a journeyman, so therefore the Jets overpaid for Faneca.

Qualitatively, he has no clue by his own testimony and for that reason his argument is useless.

for example, if a lesser guard lets up a few more sacks and pressures in the course of a season (measurable statistics) what effect will that have on the game? will it mean winning less games? who knows when those few more sacks or pressures will happen and how it will affect the game.

he also assumes for some reason that all guards are basically just as good as one another at run blocking, which i don't agree with either.

in the end he says elite guards are worth more money for their intangibles like leadership, durability and locker room presence, which he says is the only way one can justify paying Faneca so much. that and the improvement he might bring to the play of mangold and ferguson.

i think it would have been wise for him to have taken a look at our OL last year, because with the loss of pete kendall it became glaringly obvious that more games were in fact lost, thus disproving his whole argument that an elite guard is quantitatively and qualitatively not much better than a journeyman.

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Ross Tucker bounced around the NFL for 8 to 10 years never lasting more than a season or 2 with any team. He played with the Bills, Pats, Cowboys and the Redskins possibly one more. He is just jealous he never had that type of success as a O-Lineman. I followed his carrer a little because he went to a high school near me and they were one of our rivals

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