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Want a Free Dr. Pepper??? Axl Rose Hold the Key


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This is about as likely to happen me flying to the moon and having an orgy with aliens.


Dr Pepper issues challenge to Guns N' Roses

Thu Mar 27, 4:33 AM ET

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Many have tried, but so far nobody has been able to pry the decade-in-the-works Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" from the hands of lone remaining original member Axl Rose.

Now, Dr Pepper thinks it's up to the challenge. The soft drink company says it will give a free can of Dr Pepper to "everyone in America" (excluding ex-Guns members Slash and Buckethead) if "Chinese Democracy" arrives anytime during the calendar year 2008.

Rose responded on his band's web site (http://www.gunsnroses.com) that the band was "surprised and very happy to have the support of Dr Pepper." But the offer did not prompt him to rose to the challenge.

"Chinese Democracy" was most recently scheduled for release in March 2007, but promptly vanished from the schedule without a new date being set. Rose said at the time that all the recording had been completed, but there were some "scheduling difficulties."

It will be the first album of fresh Guns N' Roses material since the 1991 sets "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II." Rose has reportedly burned through $13 million in recording expenses for "Chinese Democracy," and also burned his bridges with the bandmates who helped him turn Guns into one of the biggest rock groups in the world by the early 1990s.


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damn,,sore subject..

my grandfather was part of family business of an original Dr Pepper bottling chain in Kansas LONG time ago..

He died in flu thing in 1918 and he was so young that his wife/sons (my dad) never were part of business again..

long story short, they made millions.

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