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The stats don't lie


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98.4% of all males 18-55 that post threads repeatedly aimed directly at being anti Chad or anti Clemens are s h i t chucking chimps.


a)They both sucked last year.

b)The offensive line and the team in general sucked so bad, FDR in his wheelchair could have penetrated that line and got a sack.

c)Even Hellen Keller could tell when Schittenheimer would call a Brad Smith trick play.

d)Justin McCareins should have not been in Mangini's doghouse for so long. By the end of training camp, he should've been given a bullet to the head rather than perpetuating his sad existance.

e)Is copying the Patriot way even worthwhile anymore? ****, they lost to the Gints.

f)Spygate? Its not like any of the defensive and offensive playcalling wasn't predictable anyway. Hell, the Jets should be FLATTERED.

g)My Vilma jersey is officially delegated to "Official Puke Rag".

h)D'Bricka****-Well, its not like Reggie Bush has done anything except for competing with Jared over Subway commercial supremacy. Oh wait, the Jets could have had AJ Hawk, Jay Cutler or Haloti Ngata? Just shoot me.

i)I cant even finish this list. ****, now I need to drink quickly so I can reach an inebriated slumber in time so I can wake up tomorrow morning at 7.

If man is able to torment himself over such trivial things such as sports, then God must be dead.

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