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EDGE Network to speed up?


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Nokia Siemens looking to pump up EDGE

Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:16AM EDT

Annoyed by your iPhone's pokey Web surfing over EDGE? Well, your browsing might get a lot faster thanks to Nokia Siemens, which is promising to double the speed of EDGE wireless networks with a mere software upgrade.CNET News.com reports that the Nokia Siemens software, which should be ready by the third quarter of 2008, could boost EDGE download speeds to about 592kbps, compared to an average of 210kbps over the iPhone's EDGE connection.

Naturally, AT&T would need to deploy the Nokia Siemens software upgrade on its network for subscribers to reap the benefits; so far, not a peep from AT&T about Nokia Siemens' announcement.

And the upgrade wouldn't just help iPhone owners; anyone with an EDGE-only phone would get much faster Web browsing and data access. T-Mobile, which has yet to launch its own 3G network, could particularly benefit from a speedier EDGE network.

That said, enhanced EDGE access would still lag well behind 3G networks. As CNET points out, AT&T's HSDPA network boasts download speeds in the 600kbps to 1.4MB range

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