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What Do the Following Things Have in Common?


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What the hell just happened??

Thank you, I think I'd make a good moderator, I'm here enough, the mods all love my posting style seeing as how 80% of my good rep is from Smizzy, Max, Sperm and Thor. I rarely break any rules and I know how far I can take a joke. If a new Moderator was ever needed I would be willing to take on the responsibility.

That was I was saying in response to your last post, lol.

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Bell Bottom Jeans

Bee Hive Hair Doo

Pogo Stix


& Miami Vice

What do these things have in common?


They're all things you and Thor have shoved up each other's rectum's?

Sorry. That was uhh...my finger...yea...my finger.

We have confirmation! What do I win?

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