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Which mock is better for the NYJ!!!!!


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Your voting should NOT be based on your oppinion. It should be based on what helps the NYJ the most.

my questions to you guys.

1. Which mock helps the NYJ the most? 2. Which mock is more realistic?

If Gholston gone.

#6- Leodis Mckelvin, CB.

#36- James Hardy, WR. Alt pick- Cliff Avril, DE.

Round4A- Jonathan Goff, ILB.

Round4B- Depending on round 2 either Eddie Royal, WR, or Kendall Langford, DE.

If Gholston is available.

#6- Vernon Gholston, LB.

#36- Antoin Cason, CB. Alt pick- Brandon Flowers, CB.

Round 4A- Jonathan Goff, ILB. Alt pick- Kendall Langford, DE.

Round 4B- Eddie Royal, WR. Alt pick- Keenan Burton, WR.

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My thoughts shouldn't be based on my opinion, that's classic.

It's my OPINION and also IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE NYJ (in my opinion) not REACH with Gholston or McKelvin and get us some OFFENSIVE WEAPONS

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If McFadden or Ryan are available we take one of them IMO.

I'd definetly prefer Gholston over McKelvin though.

If we stay at 6 it's definitely between Ryan and Gholston.

The talks with DMC are window dressing to get Dallas to trade up with us. I'd be shocked if the FO drafted DMC w/o the intent to trade down.

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