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Cheers to a new season


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Yep good luck Matt.

Should be a good year for this forum as the RSox, Yanks, Mets ,Cubbies and Brew Crew all are expected to contend.

EDIT: Forgot our Tiger fan. Team should be a WS threat.

Sorry Sharrow as if I recall correctly ,you are our lone Pirates rep. I did see Ian Snell picked as a darkhorse CY Young candidate.

Funniest stat from spring training:

ARod pronounces Capt clutch the AL MVP this coming season and Derek promptly takes until last Thursday to finally pick up his 1st spring RBI. :)

ARod -Manny finish 1-2 in AL MVP.

Wright - Braun in NL.

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Good luck yall.

Lets go Yanks!

Let the insults fly! j/k.

Should be a fun season for all of our teams. Anyone going to watch the Nats/Braves game tonight? I might tune in for an inning or two to check out the new ballpark.

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