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Robertson On His Way Out? Pennington, Mangini, and Tannebaum Not Going Anywhere

By Joe Caporoso | March 31st, 2008

ESPN.com has recently reported that Denver is showing renewed interest in trading for Dewayne Robertson at the league’s annual owner’s meetings which began today. Apparently, they are over any concerns about his knee but still have not found a way to reach an agreement on Robertson restructuring his contract. At this point, the Jets would take just about anything to get his contract off their books. The money freed up by Robertson could go a long way to locking down Kerry Rhodes to the long term deal he deserves.

What could the Jets expect for Robertson? A 5th round pick would be nice to replace the one they lost in the Jenkins deal, but don’t be surprised if it ends up being a 6th round pick if the deal eventually gets done.

In other news, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News wrote up an interesting story that spells out what most of us expected, Chad Pennington isn’t going to be traded. The plan remains to keep Pennington and let him battle Kellen Clemens in the summer and even if he loses, let him stay on as a reliable back-up. Despite this, more rumors than ever have been circulating about the Jets taking a quarterback. The Jets spent some time with Matt Ryan recently, although that was likely just due diligence since they own a top ten pick. More frequently, they have been linked to Joe Flacco as a second round target, although I don’t know why there is a belief that he’d be any better than Kellen Clemens. Can we give the kid we already spent a high second round pick on a fair chance? This team has too many other needs to take a flyer on a Division I-AA quarterback in the second round.

In the same article by Myers, he quotes owner Woody Johnson saying that regardless of this year’s outcome Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum will both be back. I don’t think that is much of a shocking thing to say at this point of the year. If the Jets go 3-13 next season, nobody is going to remember this quote as the sole reason they can’t let go of either of them. Regardless, the Jets have enough talent on their roster to where they should be playing meaningful games in December, if Mangini could guide them to that point then his job deserves to be safe.

Updated Mock Draft - Version 3.0

1. Miami - Chris Long

2. St. Louis - Glen Dorsey

3. Atlanta - Jake Long

4. Oakland - Darren McFadden

5. Kansas City - Matt Ryan

6. NYJ - Vernon Gholston

7. The Cheaters - Leodis McKlevin

8. Baltimore - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

9. Cincinnati - Sedrick Ellis

10. New Orleans - Keith Rivers

on edit;LOL I just saw how he listed the team right after us at 7

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