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Was anyone else at Yankee Stadium today.

Yankee stadium management did a really bad job today

there was a fine mist that stopped about 1:30 that was easily playable in

and the weather only got nice

now im really pissed off cuz i cant go tomorrow

can I have your tickets?

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Nobody was at the toilet today. At least no one with any common sense. Wait, we're talking about Yankee fans, never mind.

It's going to be great watching them tear down the House that the fat bastard built.

yea ok everyone in the sports world knows that red sox fans are the biggest dumbest idiots in all of sports

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Complete s--t by the Yankees yesterday., They could have gotten the game in with no problem. We are sitting in our seats, the rain STOPS, and THEN they cancel the game when the forecast called for a slight drizzle the rest of the day

yea and i dont know about you but i didnt see any slight drizzle the rest of the day

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