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Ten Burning Questions Since I Have Been Away


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Don't do that. Our love should be out in the open.

No offense, whomever mod this is, but JBF posting in the Football forum was about as frequent as me posting on MissManners.com. It's the little things that can bring an already awful April 1 prank down even further.

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They don't need your password to read your pm's.

The mods can't read your PMs. Unless they change your password like Garb mentioned. I can read them and so can Beans. Beans is trustworthy so I wouldn't worry about him.


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I guarantee it is the real Tx. The other users, not so much. Tx -- is Tx. I am not lying.

Insert boy who cried wolf smiley here.

But I am telling the truth, this time. It is really Tx.

I still don't believe you:

Originally Posted by Max viewpost.gif

I hear you. Loud and clear. And you have my word that Tx will never post here again as long as I am the owner of this site.

Sending him to the dump was the best move I ever made.


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