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Chad Johnson says he will show up


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Chad: I'll show up



Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson said Wednesday in an interview with ESPN's Brian Kenny he will not sit out the 2008 season.

Johnson was reacting to comments made Tuesday by head coach Marvin Lewis at the owner's meetings in Florida. The coach had said the Bengals are "prepared to move on" if the all-star wide receiver decides to sit out the 2008 season.

"It's unfortunate that Chad has put himself in that situation, because a lot of people who really had affection for him now see him in a different light," Lewis said Tuesday.

"Affection? That's the problem right there," Johnson responded Wednesday. "The player is not gonna change. Chad has to do what's right for Chad... That's why (Lewis) made the comment. He thinks I'm worried about people liking me. Those days are over. I'm not worried about them anymore, because I have to do what's right for me."

Regarding Lewis' comment that "If (Chad) shows and does things, and does (them) the right way, I'm willing to take the bullets for him again and allow him to come back the right way," Johnson took umbrage.

"Don't take any bullets for me. Don't take one bullet," Johnson said in the ESPN interview Wednesday. "Do I get in trouble? Do I do anything wrong off the field? Do I? What bullets? I'm not a player that comes with bullets. I'm no threat. I'm not a problem. OK, I celebrate. Whoop-de-do. You know what you get when I touch the field every Sunday."

ESPN's Kenny asked Johnson point-blank if he planned to sit out or show up for the team's mandatory full-squad minicamp in mid-June.

"My plans are to show up and embarrass everybody that tries to cover me," Johnson said. "If they're satisfied with what we have, and think that's gonna get us where we need to go, then so be it."

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