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'Best Movies' Hall of Fame (Merged)


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I suggest you use the one he uses to get himself off. You will like the flavor better.

i think you have deep rooted issues

exactly where exactly is your great thread starter?

" Me so horny i could f the crack of dawn"???

You are way off base here.

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i know that..he has been around for a while and has seen every movie made

No kidding! But I can't really relate to his top 3:

Spencer Tracy

Marlon Brando

Katharine Hepburn

Brando was alright but I only saw him in the Godfather movies and that quasi-porno he made back in the early 70's (Last Tango in Paris?) His acting skills didn't make me think he was one of the best.

I'll put it this way: Brando is to movies what Brett Favre is to the NFL. Overrated!

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