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SJ Reviews: "Smart People"..dysfunctional family provides good entertainment

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First off, Ellen Page, of Juno fame, and Tomas Haden Church, of Sideways fame, steal this movie.

It is thier banter and on screen bonding that will stay with you after film is over.

We have Dennis Quaid , playing a very 'i have given up on life' college prof, who has lost sight of his life and his family. Eneter a ex student , sarah Jessica Parker, who starts to revive his long dead embers..

Into the mix we have Page playing the daughter who has taken on the women of the hosue role as her Mom died several years ago. Then to make the cast complete, we add the forever out of money, pot smoking brother of Quaids who brings the only sanity the family has seen in ages.

Its a great quiet little film that will have you rooting for all involved.

3 1/2stars_002.gif's

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