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What's the better possible tandem?


What's the tandem that will help us the most?  

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  1. 1. What's the tandem that will help us the most?

    • Gholston/Pace.
    • Mcfadden/Jones.

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Either one of these tandems would be awesome with the offseason moves that they have made. I'm fine with TJ and Leon with Chatman thrown in there at times. Gholston would be a much better pick from a needs standpoint. Either pick makes the team a better one. I think now more than ever they are going to trade back after the Rhodes deal. The cap room is shrinking more and more. I also think there will be a draft day deal or two (one involving D-Rob) so there may be more cap room to sign a top 10. We'll see. I'd like to see them stock up on young talent and that #6 can become very valuable depending on what happens in the top 5.

I gave my vote to McFadden/Jones because I think they would rip spit up! I don't want McFadden though. Aslong as they don't go OL in the first few rounds I'm fine. They have 5 millionares on the line already (4 of them are 1st rd picks) locked up for at least 4 years. They may need some more developmental guys to go with Bender, Turner, Daniels but we have enough high draft picks on OL for a while now. Let's get difference makers!

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I'd go: Gholston/Pace/Harris/Lofton OR Gholston/Pace/Harris/Crable

OOH BABY, with either one of these LB Corps, I think we honestly give NE a run for their money for the next 5-7 Years.

Show me a coach whose GM spends $150M in an offseason playoff push, and then starts two rookie LB'ers, and I'll show you a coach about to be fired.

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Show me a coach whose GM spends $150M in an offseason playoff push, and then starts two rookie LB'ers, and I'll show you a coach about to be fired.

Well we still unfortunately have an ILB who would not necesarily platoon with Curtis Lofton in Eric Barton (I hate him so much, so that probably schewed my opinion but whatever), but Lofton would get worked into the system gradually. I think he's perfect for the ILB although he's not too fast 4.77 speed (6'0" 246 lbs.), but in our system of different LB blitz and converage schemes, it seems to me that with the speed and strength of Harris in the middle, and with the speed, athleticism, size and talen at our Outside LB's (provided we do draft Gholston) would enable Barton or Lofton, whoever that 4th LB is to almost become a silent assasin who simply just has to do his job and not fill in immediately as an impact LB.

As for Crable, he has even better numbers than Lofton but has not opened many of the experts' eyes, I am not sure why exactly, different production, as Lofton was the Big 12 Player of the year (possibly just, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, not sure). Crable has 4.64 Speed, and did 29 Reps of 225 lbs at the Combine and he's 6'5" 243 lbs. [Lofton, only did 23] I really hope that Tangini have recognized that Crable can also line up as either a DE or OLB and recognize his ceiling is higher than most people think.

Also, I didn't know their individual combine numbers before, but why exactly is Lofton predicted to go sooner in the draft that Shawn Crable. Granted I really love Crable, but is it because Lofton is an ILB and Crable an OLB/DE in a very deep OLB class??

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