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Cool football sim game....JN team???

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I thought we were doing a JN team?

Yeah I will stay up however late I need to. It sucks because they said their releasing them tonight PST. Hopefully they dont release it at Midnight PST.


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there are some inactives on the team, make sure you guys have leveled up your players and sorted out where you want the skill points.

Cut the dead weight. :lol:

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I think we have too much depth. lol

We'll probably lose a lot of the non-Jet Nationers in the offseason, so that should help quite a bit (plus we can get rid of the inactives)

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It looks like promotion for JNDT. And thank god for that, since they are now discussing a penalty system on low divisions, that will it next to impossible to build a strong low division team.

There's would have been no way to build a team like this if those rules were already in place.

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