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2009 Draft


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I know its a year away, but does anyone know the conditions to all the "conditional draft picks" we traded for?

The Vilma pick, the Robertson pick....how high can it be, how low? Does anyone know what the parameters are? Playing time, total tackles, etc?

Ive heard the Vilma pick can be as high as a #2 but in is that really possible OR is there some crazy condition that probably wont be met, meaning were most likely looking at a 3rd or a 4th?

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dbrob and vilma can translate into 2nds

so maybe 3 2nds

and kendalls 4th

Ive heard if DROB doesnt play more than 65 percent of plays we wont get anything....

I recall one of the conditions with Vilma was that if we did end up with that 2nd rounder,we'd have to send New Orleans our 4th.

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Not sure about the DROB deal, but we are getting a 4th for Kendall, and probably a 2nd or 3rd for Vilma.

However, if we do get a 2nd or 3rd for Vilma, we have to give the Saints our 09 4th pick.

That would mean we have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds, excluding DROB because im unsure about the details.

1 1st

3 2nd and 3rd (Vilma trade)

1 4th (Kendall trade)

Im assuming if the DROB conditions are met we can get a pick in the ranges of rounds 3-5, but again, im not at all sure about the details of that trade.

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