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Manchester United - Champions again.

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LOL I just found something now. Look at the League winnes from the Prem and La Liga since 2001.

Premiership: LA liga:

2001 Man Utd Real Madrid

2002 Arsenal Valencia

2003 Man Utd Real Madrid

2004 Arsenal Valencia

2005 Chelsea Barca

2006 Chelsea Barca

2007 Man Utd Real Madrid

2008 Man Utd Real Madrid

LOL, gotta love Real Madrid.:lol:

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And as for those Fulham b*****ds. Hopefully next season they'll go down.

And the second best result of the day? S**tty losing 8-1 to the Smoggies. I wonder if Shinawatra will arrange for Sven's "disappearance" rather than a mere sacking.

That was ridiculous what happened ****ty. When I saw the score 7-0 come up on the updates I was sure it was a mistake. LOL

I'd put money on Fulham going down next season.

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