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Should the Jets keep the Titans of NY look?


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Freeman McNeil sporting the best look there is so far in Jets history:


As someone who started following the NFL in the mid '80's I would recommend the Jets go back to that helmet. The uniform? Not so much.

The Pats are going to don the Pat Patriot helmet and uniform in 2009 to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


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I like the Titans jersey, but I think they should rotate the throwbacks. One season,play a game in the Titans uniform, then the following season, play a game in the 80's/90's uniform, and then the following season, the Titans again, and so on.

And yeah, another fan of the much maligned 90's green here.

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I like the Titans look. I hate those hideous 80's and pre 1998 Jerseys & helmets with that hideous airplane insignia.

I really think if we wanna be cool we should have a BLACKOUT. All black from Head to toe with hints of green as an alternate.

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Some people liked them, some people hated them, but in 2007 the Jets wore their Titans of New York jerseys twice (vs Philadelphia & @ Miami). Was this just a one year experiment? I hope not. Anyway, would you be in favor of the Jets using these uniforms once or twice a year from now on?


I like them alot. I hope they wear them two to three times a season. The current Uniform however is the best. I am not for wearing any uniform from the eighties.

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