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Some more things to chomp on...Peter King MMQB


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This decades Super Bowl runner ups and how the faired the next season.

Super Bowl Hangover

How This Decade's Super Bowl Losers Fared The Following Season

Year Super Bowl Loser Win/Loss Record Playoff Record Final Outcome

2001 N.Y. Giants 7-9 N/A Missed Playoffs

2002 St. Louis 7-9 N/A Missed Playoffs

2003 Oakland 4-12 N/A Missed Playoffs

2004 Carolina 7-9 N/A Missed Playoffs

2005 Philadelphia 6-10 N/A Missed Playoffs

2006 Seattle 9-7 1-1 NFC Divisional Round

2007 Chicago 7-9 N/A Missed Playoffs

Composite Record: 47-65, .420

Playoff Wins: 1

Then there's the schedule. Last year, New England played 15 of 16 games in the Eastern Time Zone and never traveled west of Dallas until the Super Bowl. This year, the Patriots have a September bye, then play 13 straight weeks, including three trips to California, one to Seattle and one to Indianapolis. They play four night games -- it's likely at least one more will be moved to accommodate NBC's flex schedule -- and a short-week Thursday game against their old friends from Long Island. The Patriots showed great poise on the field under duress last year. It'll be even tougher to do this year.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to read about some football.

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They must have left the Camera back at the hotel for the Superbowl, Will they make the same mistake this Year?? * * *

Dont know but do think the jets can do better than 4-12 or do you think the jets will still be living in the basement?. my guess is the basement. Its not like the j-e-t-s- has done anything in the last decade, but thats ok. I will take pity on you when the pats win the east again for the 6th straight time.

maybe the jets should get some cameras themselves

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