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SJ Reviews: "Priceless"..French, charming, funny, sexy,,what more you want?


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Audrey Tatou, of Amelie, A Very Long Engagement and Da Vinci Code fame, brings her unreal sexiness and charm to this very cute, very sophisticate dfrench comedy.

We have her as a Golddigger who encounters a Barman who falls in love with her. Through misadventures she eventually brings him into her world and trains him in the art of Golddigging..

The adventures start from there and its done in a way only trhe French have mastered. Very very charming.. Oh, and for the girls, the fashion in here is unreal, as she goes from one rich man to another buying all the Top deigners clothes..Lots of fashion watching here for the ladies..


3 1/2 spinningredstarkp8.gif's

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