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Giants sign Pierce


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I think I saw some people mention that they wanted Pierce at one point.


Giants steal Pierce away from Redskins

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Jay Glazer / FOXSports.com

Posted: 54 minutes ago

The New York Giants got a new starting linebacker and it isn't Kendrell Bell.

Sources told FOXSports.com that the Giants have come to terms on a deal with Washington Redskins MLB Antonio Pierce, a huge loss for their division rivals Redskins. Pierce also had interest from the Chiefs and an offer from the Vikings, who jumped into the fray today.

The deal is a six-year deal worth $26 million and includes a $6.5 million signing bonus, a tremendous figure for the up-and-coming linebacker. The structure of the deal is also done in a way to benefit the Giants salary cap and gives them some wiggle room over the course of the deal. Pierce has not yet signed but the agreement is in place.

Pierce was loved by Redskins LB Gregg Williams, who once told FOXSports.com that Pierce is one of the smartest linebackers the defensive coordinator has ever coached in his career. Ironically, he was able to jumpstart his career when he filled in at Washington for another former Giant, Michael Barrow.

Bell, brought in by the Giants earlier in the day, was brought to New York for a physical but the team soon backed off when Pierce came into the picture. It's unclear if the Giants had Pierce in their sights during Bell's visit or if they jumped into the Pierce derby as a result of Bell's visit.

Pierce had a breakthrough season in 2004 when he registered 160 tackles according to the Redskins totals, 112 according to the numbers on NFL.com. He was also responsible for making several defensive calls and often helped putting other players in the correct position.

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Doing the free agency part for DD.com, I was suprised how good Pierce was in 2004?

Now, is he a "overvalued" 1 season wonder, who once went undrafted?

I thought the Giants were high on Griesen at mlb, but he might stay at OLB or flee in free agency (restricted, but low compensation).

Here's the Redskins look, all the other teams are done too, I think..


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Pierce is actually a good player, IMO, but the Giants are going to have to dredge up some DT's to play in front of him. That Giants D is poorly constructed right now and needs a major re-working. They are one step away from an implosion at Giants camp.

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