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Carolina people NEED HELP


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So I am looking to fly into Hilton Head....from Jersey (Atlantic City) there are no direct flights...so IF I fly to Myrtle Beach, how long of a ride is it to Hilton Head???


close to 4 hours

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With the price of gas and car rentals - fly into Savannah and drive from there. About 40 minutes.

My aunt and uncle live in Hilton Head,,very nice..

But stay in savanahh a nite,,go get some comfort food at Paula Deans restaurant (Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House is better though ;)) ..great bar scene, see the beautiful city squares, Garden of Good and Evil, etc...

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Looks like I may have to stay in Georgia for a nite!:cheergal:

Forrest Gump

with Tom Hanks and Sally Fields


Savannah Locations for Scenes in the movie:

Feather floating down in from of the church:

in front of the Independent Presbyterian Church

get a view this area from the pool level of the Hilton Desoto Hotel;

pool level is marked in the hotel elevator

Bench Location in the Movie: North side of Chippewa Square facing Bull Street

The bench was there only for making the movie.

The bench used in the movie, made of fiberglass, is on display at the Visitor's Center

(If the City of Savannah were smart, they would put one back on Chippewa Sq.)

Notice how the bus is moving right to left in the movie

but not in real life.

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Will you cook me fresh 2 lb lobsters?? Take me to the beach to put my freshly pedicured toes in the soft sand? and have lots of :wine:????

If so I will be up this weekend:vactiontime:

damn..you are easier than I thought ;)

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