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The Game 5 Thread


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I hate it when Kobe forces shots also. I got some questions for Phil:

Why isnt Odom touchin the ball more

Why you took Kobe out to start 2nd

Why Fisher doesnt get more PT

How the **** do you blow 2 HUGE leads. Its unreal

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im outta here....

good luck to the minnesota lakers and the boston leprechauns.

but if there is a God, please end this tonight... not because I want to see Celts fans happy, but I cant stand the NBA. In fact, I'd rather see the celtics lose the series... shut the fans up.... not you gainzo... the guys at work.

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Kobe has to step up this quarter. Bull**** call by the refs earlier in the 3rd about how they called the foul on Garnett and then changed it. He would have 5 right now. IMO that would be huge right now.

Are you complaining about the refs? C'mon man.

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"There are good competitors, and there are great competitors. James Posey is a great competitor."

Keep sucking the Celtics' dicks.

I guess you missed the Kobe dick sucking that has been going on all game.

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