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Wow! If you honestly think that this 2007-08 Celtics are the best team everrrrrrrrrr then I'd perfer you see a doctor.

son, we got 3 HOF players and just won 82 games.

our defense destroys everyone

we beat EVERY team in the league atleast once

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Something tells me that the "best team of all time" doesn't get taken to seven games by the ****ing Atlanta Hawks.

Agreed. If LA didn't blow their 24 point lead like a bunch of retards, this one would've went seven as well. This wasn't even close to the best team of all-time.

And how about those '95-'96 Bulls with 72 freakin wins in the REGULAR SEASON and then went on to lose just ONE postseason game? They're not the best ever? Bahahahahahahhahahaha.

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