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Murder Suspects Describe Two Killings in $2 Robbery

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

0_61_broadnax_james1.jpg Garland Police Department

James Broadnax

James Broadnax

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The men arrested in the slayings of an aspiring Christian singer and his colleague at a Texas recording studio said in a chilling jailhouse interview the victims were killed at random in a robbery that netted only $2.

Cousins James Broadnax and Demarius Dwight Cummings, both 19, face capital murder charges in the deaths of singer Matthew Butler, a father of two, and Stephen Swan, his employee, outside Butler's Christian recording studio, Zion Gate Records in Garland, Texas.

Broadnax and Cummings, speaking to MyFOXDFW.com from the Dallas County Jail, told the station of their plans to rob somebody the night of June 18. They traveled by train from Dallas to the suburb of Garland because "that's where all the rich white folks stay at," Broadnax said.

Their targets turned out to be Butler, 28, and Swan, 26.

"I made sure they was dead," Broadnax told MyFOXDFW.com

His voice wavering, Broadnax recounted in blood-curdling detail how he shot the men to death in a parking lot outside the recording studio after Cummings asked for a cigarette.

"I just blanked the f--- out," Broadnax said. "I shot him [butler] and he stumbled back. I shot the driver [swan]. He hit the ground, you know what I'm saying, but he leaned up like he was going to try to get back up, so I shot him in the head. know what I'm saying, but he was still trying to run off," he continued. "I knew he was going to die anyway, but just to make sure

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Sounds like we're going to have an execution.

Lets have it on pay per view and give the profits to the families of the shooting victims.

good idea,,like a telethon..keep driving cash up for families, but instead of in end where a handicapped person is wheeled on stage, they pull the switch on these guys...

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