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Well I did it...


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Turned 47 a few weeks back and going though the old I always wanted to do it but never did scene -- at he gym yesterday and after heavy thought I finally decided to do it

Slowmoe 57 got his first tatoo -- DAMN it hurt like Hell -- nothing spectacular and it is located on my back just beneath my shoulder so if I have regret I wont see it when I look in the mirror -- What did I get -- the face of the Joker from Batman with a very sinister grin which is the one I always thought of getting.

My wife is very supportive of this in fact she found the parlor I ended up going to

and my 14 year old thought it was very cool --

If this is the worst my midlife crises gets I will die a happy man ---

maybe when it heals I will post a picture -- :P

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