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ERIK Boland chat


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Actually it's not until tommorrow.

My bad. I saw Henry's post on Tobin and didn't check the calendar. His post clearly said 7/10 so this is another example of me being an idiot. At least I am consistent.

And Alk did somebody really get banned for plugging this over there? That can't be true.

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The Chat is tomorrow night at night at 9:00,

Every one's


is appreciated. Soothsayer is a money grubbing


Henry if people come over tonight because of my mistake you will have to entertain them. Tell them how you used to feed the ducks. That one is always a crowd favorite.


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It's all about his ego. I don't think he ''permits'' external links to any other Jets websites. it's a bit insecure also, actually a lot insecure.

If you're not going to allow a reporter to post a live chat on your site, then you have no business posting one of their stories without permission. He's a fat fugging douchebag.

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