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Pettitte bestst Duchscherer as Yankees sweep A's


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Joba is a horse. I really believe he will be a top of the rotation guy. He had an issue with walks his first few starts, but that is under control now. He still Ks a bunch of folks. And he does not give up many runs at all. His ERA as a starter is better than it was as a relief guy in 2008.

For the record, Goose Gossage is dead wrong about Joba belonging in the pen. With the turn-a-round that Farnsworth has had, the emergence of Veras (this weekend not-with-standing) and the consistency of Ramirez and the new stud, Robertson, the back end of the pen is solid, leading up to MO. And Bruney is coming back soon, possibly by the weekend.

Petitte and Moose have delivered. I think Andy will continue, and while I have some reservations about Moose, I do not think he will implode. With Wang due back hopefully by September, and Hughes hopefully getting really healthy, the stretch run could have a dominant rotation. The key is for Ponson/Rasner/Kennedy/Kartsens/McCutchen to not stink up from the #4 and $5 slots the next 6 weeks.

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