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OT: Car chase


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That's FRICKEN great.

Did u see the truck land on his head when he got ejected?

Hope the sh*thead died. Glad no innocents were killed.

I was in a chase once where I watched a Chevy Beretta hit the cement dividing wall on a sharp curve along I-75 at about 90, and roll the car twice, only to get out and start running on foot from us. :lol:

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thats a sick video.

i dont think the guy got his head crushed though....it looks like he was right in the low point of the grass, like there was a little dip there.

still way cool.

always wear your seat belt

I wonder if the officers were smart enough to ticket him for not wearing his seatbelt.

I caught a guy getting ready to rob a Walgreens pharmacy once, had his car backed in and running in a handicapped parking space....wrote the guy for HC parking w/o a permit. :lol:

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