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Wilpon Won't Sell Mets, But His Will Would Allow Family To Do So

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Mets Owner Fred Wilpon said that he has "no intention of selling the team," but added that his will would "not prevent his family, including his son, [Mets COO Jeff Wilpon], from doing so," according to Richard Sandomir of the N.Y. TIMES.

Fred Wilpon: "That would be unfair if, for some reason, they needed to." Wilpon added that his "preference would be that they sell some of his other properties, which include real estate, before selling the team" (N.Y. TIMES, 7/24).

Wilpon added that his family will "always be involved with" the Mets. Wilpon: "Everything has a price -- not the Mets. I'm never going to sell (the team). My family is going to have this asset. Whether it be my granddaughters of my grandsons, or whoever it is. They are going to have the Mets. This is different than anything else I own" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 7/24).

TRIAL BY FIRE: Wilpon yesterday also addressed the June firing of Mets manager Willie Randolph, saying, "I screwed up." Wilpon said Mets GM Omar Minaya told him he intended to fire Randolph following the June 16 Mets-Angels game.

Wilpon: "I wasn't smart enough to say, 'And cut the New York press out of it?' I didn't even think of it" (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 7/24).


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